Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Let go of the fine details, and the not so
fine details, that make your head spin.

Is your website up and running but you’re struggling to keep it updated and full of fresh content? Do you even know that you need to keep it updated?

I can’t say it enough… updating and monitoring your website, themes, and plugins is critical. Most business owners don’t have the time or desire to keep one eye on their business and continually learn about what’s happening in the web design space.

You are incredibly busy and spending hours every month working on your website is not an ideal scenario and just doesn’t make sense. Free up that time and energy and put it into the parts of your business that makes you happy…and make you money.

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Sandy has designed 2 websites for me. I had ideas about what I wanted the website to do but no idea how to put it together and I really didn’t want it to look like a DIY project. Both times she built websites that were more beautiful than I imagined, and they expressed my brand brilliantly. I would recommend working with her and will always refer clients to her.

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