Website Design

Website Design

I love pretty but I don’t believe that pretty alone is the best way to build a website.

Your website serves your business. It’s a great tool to increase exposure, share expertise, build credibility, and the perfect place to showcase your talent. But it is not simply space you take up on the web. Too often, people visit your website before they consider reaching out to you, and in my opinion, it is the hub for everything you do in the digital space. It represents your company and it needs to do it well. There are rules that should be followed but you have a personality and a passion for your work that needs to be incorporated.

You shouldn’t have to struggle with the overwhelm of what you’ve been told your website “should” be. It can be all that you want it to be AND do what it needs to do to help you accomplish your goals. This is not a “one size fits all” process.

It’s a chance to express who you are, why you do what you do, and what you offer to the world. Above all else, the process of building your website should be fun and exciting.

Sandy did an excellent job redesigning my website. She preserved the feel I wanted while improving the appearance, making the site easier to navigate and adding features I’d never thought of. She also negotiated a huge problem with my hosting service. Sandy is delightful to work with, creative and innovative. Whenever anyone mentions website design or developing an online presence, I immediately send them to Sandy.
Susan Jacobs
BlueZan Consulting

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