Sometimes it's more about finding the
right resource rather than more time

  • Are you struggling with the moving parts and pieces of your business and how they all work together?
  • Does the thought of setting up your opt-ins, email autoresponders, and social media sites leave you overwhelmed and exhausted before you even get started?
  • Is your website the last thing that gets your attention each week even though you know you need to get those blog posts scheduled?

If you answered YES to any (or all!) of the above, I’d love to support you in feeling less overwhelmed in your business!

An Implementation Day can help move your business forward more quickly.  You might be wondering how a website designer can help you with other areas of your business. I have worked in the virtual space for more than 13 years and while I love website design, I realized several years ago that even the most beautiful websites weren’t worth anything if they didn’t actually work for the business owner. That’s where it all comes together and that’s why I’m excited to offer my Implementation Days to support overwhelmed business owners, just like you, on an as-needed basis!

How Do Implementation Days Work?

After a consultation, we find a date that works for you and get your Implementation Day on the books. You receive one full day of business support (7 hours of my time) where I spend the day focused only on completing the technical to-do list that you just don’t have the time to deal with.

Implementation Days are the perfect way to get started or get unstuck. You receive dedicated attention allowing us to get the work done quickly and with focus.

What Type of Work Gets Done?

Website Support

  • Update your website content on WordPress or Squarespace
  • Update plugins and themes
  • Create a backup of your WordPress site
  • Create landing pages and opt-in pages
  • Post and schedule your blog posts

Social Media Support

  • Create or update your social media profiles
  • Post and schedule your content
  • Pull social media content from your website, videos, and other material
  • Create social media graphics
  • Compile social media analytics

Email Marketing Support

  • Set-up your email delivery account
  • Set up your autoresponders
  • Design and set-up your email sequence
  • List clean up

Other Business Support

  • Document design and layout (opt-ins, checklists, etc.)
  • Set-up your Google My Business account
  • Set-up your scheduling tool and integrate it into your website

Don’t see something on the list? No worries – I can probably still handle it for you or can easily find someone who can!

What Is Your Investment?

Implementation Days are a one-time investment of $420 for first-time clients.

I only schedule a limited number of Implementation Days each month. Take the first step toward getting that technical to-do list done and click the button below to schedule your consultation. We’ll find a date that works for you and we can get started!

Still have questions? No problem. Simply shoot me an email at [email protected]


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