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When God gets in your business

When God gets in your business

I am a web designer and currently do some support work for a few clients. I have been doing some major re-thinking and restructuring of my business foundations and standards. The last few weeks, in particular, I’ve made a conscious effort to open my business up and let God in. This is important, so let’s keep that in mind.

I’m currently reading a 19-day devotion by Rick Warren on YouVersion. It’s titled God’s Dream for Your Life. If you do any Bible study, you know that you can read any chapter or verse 100 times but at 101 you get a crazy revelation. Right? So, I’m reading this devotion and listening to the most current podcast on Rick Warren’s site. All week, everything I touch during my Bible time feels like it’s about business. Of course, without question, I know that God is talking directly to me. All week, I have felt His presence and am working through what I’m hearing, but today…oh my goodness, today, in a nutshell, here’s what I read in the devotion.

Abraham waited 90 years for his dream to be fulfilled, Noah 120, the Israelites 40 years. The devotion talked about how sometimes waiting is by God’s design so we are prepared to move forward. He talked about delays and how we respond to them. Will we be faithful during the wait?

And this is where my business and this scripture got all rolled into one big message that I needed to hear.

One big mistake the Israelites made was fear. “The Israelites had enough faith to move out of Egypt, but they didn’t have enough faith to move into the Promised Land. They were afraid.”  They were afraid that others were stronger, bigger, better and these other people were already occupying the space God promised the Israelites.

What?! How many times have I thought the exact same thing in my business? Someone else already does this bigger, better, stronger. My ah-ha today…that doesn’t matter. This is the dream and gift that God has given me. He can use this dream for His kingdom and His good. The only thing I really need to do is have faith.

To all my Christian dreamers, how often have you felt that fear and not taken a step toward fulfilling your dream? I know I have at least 100 times before.

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