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The Tools I Use To Rock My Branded Images

The Tools I Use To Rock My Branded Images

There is absolutely no doubt that I adore creating images, and I have found some kick-ass tools to create branded images for my brand and for my clients. These images can be used on blogs, in social media feeds, in newsletters, and in general, add another layer of beauty to a brand’s digital marketing strategy. But how do you create them easily, and without spending a fortune?

My first go-to image tool is usually Photoshop, and while it’s not “easy-peasy”, I’m a control freak and Photoshop gives me the most control. The learning curve is a little steep and unless you already know the in’s and out’s of Photoshop, it’s not the most efficient way to get your images done quickly.

Keeping that in mind, for the last few years, I’ve been using Canva to knock out some beautiful images for myself and my clients. Canva is a very intuitive app with a great user-interface. It’s feature-rich with free and paid images, icons and shapes, photo filters, hundreds of font options, plus added features for paid accounts. Their layouts are beautiful and their features are easy to use. It’s been one of my go-to tools for quite a while.

One of my favorite quotes is by Hugh Macleod. He said, “There’s no correlation between creativity and equipment ownership. None. Zilch. Nada. Actually, as the artist gets more into his thing, and as he gets more successful, his number of tools tends to go down. He knows what works for him. Expending mental energy on stuff wastes time”. I believe that’s true for physical and digital tools. So, between Photoshop and Canva, I was rockin’ right along, using what I know and love. Now, I’m not averse to trying new tools when they come along, and a few weeks ago, I was reading a post by Donna Mortiz of Socially Sorted that mentioned a tool that quickly became one that makes my list of go-to tools.

Meet Easil. How did I not know about this before? When I start using an app or website for the first time I have the normal yes, no, maybe reaction. Easil was a big hell yes! The features are similar to Canva. Easil has icons and shapes, free and paid image options, photo filters, and hundreds of font options, plus added features for paid accounts. Their layouts and image options are gorgeous. Because I just started using Easil, I’m still digging into all of their features, and learning the interface, but right now I can say it is a fun and fantastic tool to add to the mix!

How do you create your branded images? What are your favorite image tools?

And if you’re not creating branded images yet, but need some beautiful templates to get you started, send me an email. I love helping entrepreneurs look good.

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Lighten up on your social sites

Lighten up on your social sites

First things first, I send my unending love and gratitude to the families of our service members who have lost their lives defending our country and protecting my freedoms. God bless you. ♥

Many of us spend Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, and I hope you all had a wonderful, long, and relaxing weekend. Mine was pretty low key. I celebrated my birthday with my daughter and tried to unplug as much as possible. We had a nice dinner and then saw Pitch Perfect 2.

On Tuesdays, I have a little Twitter party with some virtual assistants in my network but I don’t really need to log into Twitter to do that. I attend Twitter Twitter using email and Hootsuite or Buffer. So today while I was sitting in the car rider line at school, I decided to do a little Twitter scrolling and catch up on my notifications. I would say I was a little hurt by what I saw, but I really wasn’t. ☺

Are you curious yet? Well, let me tell you. Apparently, someone followed me on Sunday and in the three days it took me to sign into Twitter and follow back he was pretty pissed. Enough so that he sent me a nice sarcastic post about not reciprocating the follow and then proceeded to block me. Really? Three days? And a holiday at that.

I love connecting with people on social media and I get a lot of great information from the people I follow, but I’m thrilled to say that I don’t sign into my social sites every day. You might see some posts because hey, a girl’s gotta market, right? And I don’t necessarily need to sign in directly to do that.

So here’s the thing. Everyone uses social media differently but whether it’s for personal use or business use, social platforms should be fun and engaging. Make connections. Learn all you can. Enjoy the conversations. But don’t take it so seriously that you can’t enjoy some time away.

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Is Facebook Really So Bad?

Is Facebook Really So Bad?

I was reading this article today and am really excited about the new look Facebook is going to be putting out. I know not everyone agrees with me. People hate change. People complain about change…and ads. Those are two of the biggest complaints I see every day.

I spend some time on Facebook. I know that I only see a small percentage of friends status updates in my feed. I know that I am going to see ads. The change to the news feed may affect the way that I see these ads. And I’m okay with that. The fact that Facebook is trying to make money bothers a lot of people. But I also know that businesses must make money or they won’t survive.

We have been given a free resource to connect with friends, stay in touch with family, and yes, market our businesses. Did I mention it’s free?

Can we even begin to imagine the amount of data in our Facebook stream if we saw every single update from every single friend and page we like? Here’s my advice. If you want to see more from certain friends, engage with them, talk to them on Facebook, visit their profile. Let Facebook know by your engagement that you want to be engaged with that person. (And hey, if you really want to engage with those friends, send them a private message through Facebook and schedule a lunch date.)

I get that people don’t want to see ads or be “sold” to. Nobody does. We pay for TV but every 15 minutes we’re shown commercials. It’s the same concept.

There are things on Facebook that I don’t normally like to see that many of my friends and family members are guilty of posting (i.e. Share if you love your daughter or son or Jesus. Like if you hate cancer. Click here and here and here if you want to protect your privacy on Facebook (this is a whole other topic around you even being online). What do I do about it? I ignore it.

Facebook is a tool. For some, it’s a tool to talk with family and friends. For some, it’s a tool to help build a business. For some, it’s purely

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