Website Design. Website Support.

12A Website Solutions is a relationship driven solo agency providing website design and support services to non-fiction authors and small business owners who are using their talents, experience, vision, and voice to create an expert brand.

If you just had a moment because you aren’t sure I’m talking about you, I can almost guarantee that you are exactly who I’m talking to. The minute you took the chance to do that “thing” that you felt called to do, you became a brand with a voice and a desire to share your experience with those who need to hear it.

I work with non-fiction authors and small business owners who…

No matter where you are in your journey, you need an online presence that matches the value of service you provide your audience.

And you need a partner to help make that happen.

And you deserve more than one way to have to get the design or website support that you need. I can be all-in or supplemental to what you already have.

Whatever brought you here, let’s have a conversation and figure out the best way for me to support your website needs.

how i support my clients

Website design and support services created to help
you get it built and keep it moving forward

Website Design

Business is hard enough without us making it harder. Simplicity is a powerhouse ideal in my life and business. I don’t believe that anything should be overly complicated and website design is no different. That’s why I offer two very different ways for you to work with me for your next website project.

Website Support

Because you have better things to do than worry about keeping your website up and running. Imagine what you could do with extra time to work on your core business, add a few more clients, dive into new projects, or spend time building new relationships.


If you are looking to get the job done--Sandy Wiles is the one to turn to! I was so impressed with Sandy's availability and willingness to construct my website and respond to my needs throughout the entire building process. She is entirely client focused and does not settle for a cookie-cutter process in creating a website, but brings her skills, ideas, and suggestions and walks alongside you every step of the way. The final site is not only eye-popping but Sandy builds a platform on which you will be proud to launch your work!


How can I help you with your next project?

Let’s grab some tea, hop on Zoom, and talk about how to make your website amazing!

Why Simplicity and Structure?

I absolutely believe that in almost all areas of business, anything we do with intention and in the simplest way possible is more likely to be successful. When we overcomplicate, we create more work.

Start with Website Strategy

Start with Website Strategy, not Design

Design isn’t just about pretty colors and typography. Website design starts with the website strategy — goals, intentions, layout. Colors and typography play a big role, but I rarely start the process there.

Your New Website is Live! Now What?

Congratulations! Your new website is live and you’re feeling like a million bucks. Now what should you do? Having your website built is the first step. There are still two pretty big buckets that need to be filled every month.