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You know you rock! It’s time to tell the world. What better way than through your website? But you need so much more than to just have a website delivered.

You need…

  • someone to make sure that your website is built to do what it needs to do.
  • someone to make sure that your social and email marketing are integrated into your website really well.
  • someone to make sure that your visual identity is rock solid across all of your chosen platforms.
I am Sandra Lee, a creative geek and digital badass, and my mission is to make that happen.

How can I help you with your project?

Let’s have a conversation and start making some strategic decisions about your website and visual identity.
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Your website is more than just space you take up on the web. It is your digital home. It represents your company and speaks to your audience… sometimes before you have a chance to say a word. Your website has a big job to do.
Why struggle with blog posting and layout, theme and plugin updates, new page additions, and all of the other WordPress maintenance when you can have it all done for you with a website support package?
Are you playing hide and seek with your brand? You may not even realize it’s happening but so many times there are holes in your digital presence that make it hard super-hard for potential clients to find you.


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