Why Shift Didn’t Work For Me


Shift is out! Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

I am a Google fan. I run my business with Google for Work and I love the way everything works so well together. Now, if you have multiple Gmail accounts you need to toggle between them. Not difficult, but not super-efficient either. My biggest issue with it is that if you use separate calendars or Drive accounts, a new tab is opened each time you check something different. I have three Gmail accounts; one for my primary business, one for my secondary business, and one is personal for family. Overall, I try to keep all of my Google documents and my calendar in my primary business account regardless of whether they’re business or personal. But I still have those three email addresses. I ]forward my secondary business account to my primary business account. It’s a system that works really well for me. However, a few months ago I heard about an application that was close to being pushed out to the public.

Enter Shift. I was so excited. I put myself on the waiting list, checking back every now and then. Yesterday I got the email. It was time! I added all three of my Gmail accounts, and I had high hopes that this would solve a big Gmail problem. The interface is fabulous for switching between accounts. Everything is right there; mail, calendars, documents. I read the mail in all three of my accounts without ever leaving the application. It was awesome!

Then…I composed a new email and my hope vanished. That’s when I realized that all of my chrome extensions wouldn’t play into this application. No Wisestamp email signature, no Todoist or Asana extensions. All of that seamless productivity not available. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I can’t sacrifice the productivity I get with the Chrome extensions for the ease of switching email accounts.

Will I delete Shift? Not yet. There may be times when it’s more convenient to just check my email all in one place without worrying about “doing” something with it. We’ll see.

If you haven’t checked out Shift yet, definitely do. It might be great for your situation. If you have tried it, what did you think?



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