Stop YouTube Suggested Videos and Keep More Traffic on Your Website

If you have a home on the web, one of your goals is to drive traffic to it and keep your readers there. When you embed a YouTube video on your website, you may inadvertently be driving traffic away. YouTube by default shows suggested videos at the end of your video. That’s great for YouTube, but not so great for you. Your readers will click those suggestions and head to YouTube, possibly never to be seen again. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix the leak. You can stop YouTube suggested videos and keep more traffic on your site.

Normally, you head to your YouTube video page, click share, click embed, and grab the code. Instead, when you get to the point where you grab the embed code, click the “show more” feature just below that code. You then have a few options for your video. You can adjust the size and choose whether to show the title or video controls, but the most important feature there is the checkbox that lets you choose whether YouTube shows suggested videos when your video is done playing.

Super-simple, super-quick — uncheck that box and keep more of your traffic on your site.

By removing that one distraction you increase the likelihood that your readers will stay on your website, and stay engaged with your brand.



Quick Tip: YouTube Transcripts

Today’s tip can help more than you probably realize. Do you have videos uploaded to YouTube? These could be any type of video you use for your business. Now, do you have these videos transcribed and uploaded to YouTube? You absolutely should! Adding your transcript to the video helps YouTube identify what the video is about, giving you a step up when it comes to searches and your video SEO.

Are you using video for your business?

It’s really no secret that using video for your business can have a huge impact. And it’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to step into that arena. I wouldn’t say I stepped into it yet, but I found a way to dip my toe in.

In case you missed it on my social feeds, I wanted to share this cool video I had made for my business. Sometimes you just have to see what’s out there and last week I found some very cool resources  to add to my arsenal. I was definitely having fun with it.

Take a minute and check it out. And of course, if you’re feeling the love, share it with your friends or post a comment here or my YouTube channel.