Do the follow up

If you do any type of networking, you must do the follow up. We all know it. We’ve all heard it before. But somehow follow up is the one task that gets left on our plate every week. Follow up is basically a two-step process; find a contact manager and add it to your schedule.

Contact Manager – start by finding a contact management system that works for the way you work. I’ve tried many over the years. Some are just too complicated while others don’t have all of the tools your specific industry needs. If you don’t need it to track leads and sales, find something simple. It may be as easy as keeping a spreadsheet. If in the future you want to make a switch, you should be able to easily upload the data from the spreadsheet. Do a little research and make sure you start using something that speaks to your work style and meets your needs.

Schedule It – It sounds so simply, but schedule the time to sit and do the business card entry or uploading of contacts. Maybe this is once a week or twice a week. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming but make sure you add it to your weekly schedule. And then actually send an email or card.

Imagine how good it’s going to feel to get this simple task done each week.

What are your thoughts? Do you follow up like you should? What’s been the most effective way for you to do your follow up?

Don’t Slam The Social Door on Engagement

Don’t blow it when it comes to engagement on social sites. Too many brands (and you’re a brand if you’re running a business) spend way too much time and energy pushing their message out while ignoring the fact that social media is just that–social, and there is an absolute need for interaction and engagement. Small business owners cannot be fooled into thinking that social media is a numbers game. It’s not. As a small business you can have numbers in the tens of thousands but if you aren’t taking the time to build relationships and engage with your market, those numbers mean nothing.

This great post from Simply Zesty was recently brought to my attention, ironically enough through social media, and I loved it. The title really says it all but I would definitely suggest jumping over there to read the post. It is enlightening.

It’s important for small businesses to create relationships. Don’t slam the door on the perfect opportunity to talk yourself up.

Are you using video for your business?

It’s really no secret that using video for your business can have a huge impact. And it’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to step into that arena. I wouldn’t say I stepped into it yet, but I found a way to dip my toe in.

In case you missed it on my social feeds, I wanted to share this cool video I had made for my business. Sometimes you just have to see what’s out there and last week I found some very cool resources  to add to my arsenal. I was definitely having fun with it.

Take a minute and check it out. And of course, if you’re feeling the love, share it with your friends or post a comment here or my YouTube channel.


Is Facebook Really So Horrible?

I was reading this article today and am really excited about the new look Facebook is going to be putting out. I know not everyone agrees with me. People hate change. People complain about change…and ads. Those are two of the biggest complaints I see everyday.

I spend some time on Facebook. I know that I only see a small percentage of friends status updates in my feed. I know that I am going to see ads. The change to the newsfeed may effect the way that I see these ads. And I’m okay with that. The fact that Facebook is trying to make money bothers a lot of people. But I also know that businesses must make money or they won’t survive.

We have been given a free resource to connect with friends, stay in touch with family, and yes, market our businesses. Did I mention it’s free.

Can we even begin to image the amount of data in our Facebook stream if we saw every single update from every single friend and page we like. Here’s my advice. If you want to see more from certain friends, engage with them, talk to them on Facebook, visit their profile. Let Facebook know by your engagement that you want to be engaged with that person. (And hey, if you really want to engage with those friends, send them a private message through Facebook and schedule a lunch date.)

I get that people don’t want to see ads or be “sold” to. Nobody does. We pay for TV but every 15 minutes we’re shown commercials. It’s the same concept.

There are things on Facebook that I don’t normally like to see that many of my friends and family members are guilty of posting (i.e. Share if you love your daughter or son or Jesus. Like if you hate cancer. Click here and here and here if you want to protect your privacy on Facebook (this is a whole other topic around you even being online). What do I do about it? I ignore it.

Facebook is a tool. For some it’s a tool to only talk with family and friends. For some, it’s a tool to help build a business. For some, it’s purely entertainment. And you know what? It’s all okay. Find a way to make this amazing free platform work for you and if you see something that you don’t necessarily like, scroll down.