Why Critical Thinking Skills Matter…Even When You Think It’s Just Data Entry

A few months ago we talked about how much your business is worth to you. I’m going to ask you again…no, beg you…please stop thinking about the dollar signs in areas of your business where critical thinking skills matter. Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a few emails from a friend and colleague who works on a team. Her client is switching to Ontraport. That makes me so freakin happy. Ontraport is amazing to work in. But, the email said she was having her “$15 an hour VA” enter her contacts without tags, and is this going to create a problem? Hell yeah, it’s going to be a problem. It’s not going to be a critical problem, but as far as time management and efficiency, yes, it is a problem.

Here’s the thing, big picture thinking is critical to your business. I was away this past weekend with a client and her team. She also happens to be my coach, and asked us to write down 20 things that we do really well. One item on my list was that I’m a big picture thinker. I love planning and then doing the detail work to connect the dots. That’s why I love Ontraport so much.

Critical Thinking Skills Matter

You can always find someone to enter contacts, but if you’re using a high-end system like Ontraport, I can guarantee you that if you haven’t thought through the process of tagging to segment that list, and are having the tagging done when those contacts are entered, you are going to pay more money in the end having someone else fix it. The person doing that work needs to be a critical thinker. Where did those contacts come from? Have they made past purchases? What are they interested in that you offer? Have they attended an event you held or sponsored? Without considering at least some of these factors, your only options are to send everyone your emails and put sequencing in place for click-throughs — basically you’re still doing the spray and pray method of marketing — or you are going to end up paying someone to go back through your list and manually tag people.

Ontraport is designed to make your business automation as easy as possible. And they do a damn good job of it. You, or someone on your team, needs to know the programs you’re using or have time to really dig in and learn them. Your business needs someone who thinks through the process from a customer perspective, considers what they need, and can implement your systems with the big picture in mind.

Know your audience

I sign up for a lot of lists. Some come through referrals. With some I happen to be reading their blog and know the information they put out is great for my business. Some because I want their free report or other information to look through.

I started to think about why I unsubscribe from lists. I thought I had as many reasons for unsubscribing as I do for subscribing but when I started to think about it, I realized the one consistent element in each unsubscribe is that the content isn’t geared to me. While most all of them send great content, not all of them send great content that I need or want. That is where group email lists come into play.

I love content geared toward social media, images, WordPress, and direct sales. If someone is sending me quality information about any of these topics I am all in. However, if I start to get more emails about something entirely unrelated to my interests, they’re probably headed to the top of my unsubscribe list.

The best way I’ve found to really get people the information they need is to ask them what they want. Most, if not all, email service providers give you a way to make that happen with some kind of group email lists. You may decide to add checkboxes to your opt-in form with various topics. You may decide to use different opt-in forms on different sites or with different promotions. However you decide to do it, make your audience a priority and let them tell you what they want.

Having engaged subscribers is far more beneficial for your business than thousands of people who don’t have an interest in what you’re doing.