Do the follow up

If you do any type of networking, you must do the follow up. We all know it. We’ve all heard it before. But somehow follow up is the one task that gets left on our plate every week. Follow up is basically a two-step process; find a contact manager and add it to your schedule.

Contact Manager – start by finding a contact management system that works for the way you work. I’ve tried many over the years. Some are just too complicated while others don’t have all of the tools your specific industry needs. If you don’t need it to track leads and sales, find something simple. It may be as easy as keeping a spreadsheet. If in the future you want to make a switch, you should be able to easily upload the data from the spreadsheet. Do a little research and make sure you start using something that speaks to your work style and meets your needs.

Schedule It – It sounds so simply, but schedule the time to sit and do the business card entry or uploading of contacts. Maybe this is once a week or twice a week. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming but make sure you add it to your weekly schedule. And then actually send an email or card.

Imagine how good it’s going to feel to get this simple task done each week.

What are your thoughts? Do you follow up like you should? What’s been the most effective way for you to do your follow up?