Listen Carefully; Increase Efficiency

Over the last few weeks I’ve run into several situations where so much confusion has occurred and time has been wasted due to a lack of listening. And by listening, I mean really listening; completely reading; paying 100% attention to what’s being said. In most cases this occurs in email communication. Email is a communication tool that makes it difficult to express emotion and too easy to respond to what we think we read. It’s super important when using email communication (or any written form) to pay attention to what we say and how we say it.

When I get an email, I read it. I read the whole thing and try to take in what’s being said or asked. Then I respond.

This takes effort and work.

It’s much easier to react quickly, get things done and off your plate. Speed doesn’t equal efficientFor me to truly be efficient means that I have to spend some time reading and trying to understand every sentence, every word that I’m receiving. This doesn’t mean to try and read between the lines but to simply make sure I understand the whole message before zipping out a response that only answers half of what was asked or addresses half of what needs to be done.

When you work virtually it’s super important to listen.

Segmenting Facebook For My Sanity

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately about Interest Lists. Rumor has it that if you hover over the Like button on a fan page, it gives you the option to add that page to Interest Lists and it will show up regularly in your newsfeed. While that may be true, I wanted to share how and why I use Interests Lists on Facebook.

I have a few interest lists created in Facebook; one for my digital marketing biz, one for my jewelry biz, one to follow others in my industry and one that is solely personal pages that I love. Initially, getting to a place where my OCD mind could process everything seamlessly, I had to unlike pages or have them not show in my news feed at all.

Once these lists were created I started adding pages that were relevant to that area of my business or life. For instance, my digital biz list has pages of people I train with, learn from, vendors I use, anything that helps me run that business. My jewelry biz list is pretty much the same. Friends I follow and personal pages is, well, self-explanatory.

Why do I do this? Like I mentioned, I have a tendency to have an OCD mind so clutter of any kind really pushes me a little to the crazy side. When I want to see everything being put out by people who help me run my digital practice, I click that list (on the left hand side of your home feed) and can easily go through and engage those people in that part of my Facebook world. The same holds true for all the other lists. I segment for my sanity.

If you need help figuring out the basics of interest lists or you already use segmented lists in Facebook, let me know how it works for you.