One Of The Many Gifts To Myself

Gifts to myself

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US. This weekend signals the end of summer, and is celebrated with picnics and pool parties. People were out grabbing burgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks, but my focus was on something much, much smaller — a bag of ice. Yep, you read that right…a bag of ice. Why do I even think about ice? It’s not because I’m a crazy person. It’s because there’s something about a bag of ice that makes me happy. I love the texture; the combination of cubes versus crushed, and I don’t just buy ice when it’s time for a picnic or party. I would rather spend $3.00 on a bag of ice every week than make ice cubes. It’s a gift to myself.

I’m sure some people are thinking I am nuts to a) spend good money on ice when I can make it, and b) even think about it on a regular basis. Both may be valid concerns if ice isn’t something you love like I do.

Here’s where it gets important. I was at an AssistU homecoming event a few years ago and one of the assignments during a workshop with Anastacia Brice and M. Shannon Hernandez was to think about what we have in our homes, what we have in our lives. Do we use a certain shampoo or soap because it’s what we’ve been taught to use, or do we use it because we love it? The challenge was to use what you love, creating a home, a business, and a life that we adore. I use my favorite soap because I love it, but for a long time I bought into the idea that I could make ice so why buy it.

Why? Because I freakin’ love ice in a bag. And that’s all I need to know. So, what is it in your life that you’re pretty sure most people don’t even consider, but that you love?


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