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Know your audience

I sign up for a lot of lists. Some come through referrals. With some I happen to be reading their blog and know the information they put out is great for my business. Some because I want their free report or other information to look through. I started to think about why I unsubscribe from […]

Quick Tip: URL Shorteners

Today’s tip is simple, but definitely worth taking action on. I’m talking about URL shorteners. There are several good sites out there but I personally use bitly.com. Shortening a URL is a no-brainer. We live in a world where keeping posts under 140 (or 160 for mobile) is critical so you want your link as short […]

Quick Tip: YouTube Transcripts

Today’s tip can help more than you probably realize. Do you have videos uploaded to YouTube? These could be any type of video you use for your business. Now, do you have these videos transcribed and uploaded to YouTube? You absolutely should! Adding your transcript to the video helps YouTube identify what the video is […]

Quick Tip: Google Alerts

You really need to know where you’re showing up online and the easiest way to do that is to use Google Alerts. It’s super easy. Just go to Google Alerts and either do a search query or enter the alerts you want to receive. You need to set up your own name but you can also set up alerts […]

Do the follow up

If you do any type of networking, you must do the follow up. We all know it. We’ve all heard it before. But somehow follow up is the one task that gets left on our plate every week. Follow up is basically a two-step process; find a contact manager and add it to your schedule. Contact Manager […]

Listen Carefully; Increase Efficiency

Over the last few weeks I’ve run into several situations where so much confusion has occurred and time has been wasted due to a lack of listening. And by listening, I mean really listening; completely reading; paying 100% attention to what’s being said. In most cases this occurs in email communication. Email is a communication […]

Don’t Slam The Social Door on Engagement

Don’t blow it when it comes to engagement on social sites. Too many brands (and you’re a brand if you’re running a business) spend way too much time and energy pushing their message out while ignoring the fact that social media is just that–social, and there is an absolute need for interaction and engagement. Small business […]

Audio File Reduction in iTunes

I do a small amount of audio editing for clients and always run into the same problem — the audio file is too big to email. Now, I know I could upload the audio to a file sharing service and share the link but in most cases I want an audio file that is smaller. […]