Build Relationships. Show Appreciation. Rock the FollowUp.

A creative, digital badass working with small business owners on their web design and community engagement.


Your website needs updates, you haven’t sent your newsletter in months and you haven’t posted to your blog in weeks. Then there’s your social media presence. There just isn’t enough time in a week to deal with it all.

You’re a small business owner or solopreneur who is swamped dealing with administrative work, client care, networking and all of the day-to-day tasks to keep your business and life running smoothly. The problem is, how do you find the time to handle all of the social media and content re-purposing tasks that you know you need to be doing? It’s easy. Let a Creative Geek take on the technical and creative aspects of your business, freeing you up to rock your unique talents.

“There’s no correlation between creativity and equipment ownership. None. Zilch. Nada. Actually, as the artist gets more into his thing, and as he gets more successful, his number of tools tends to go down. He knows what works for him. Expending mental energy on stuff wastes time.” ~Hugh Macleod

Creative versus logical

Who is Sandy?

Hello! I am Sandy Wiles aka Creative Geek, or technical virtual assistant if you prefer. I have the perfect combination of administrative/ management experience and virtual training, and I use that perfect combination to support my clients. With my help, my clients easily use today’s technology to create and maintain a fun and effective online presence.

My Creative Creed

I love local business. I love small business. I know these owners have a passion for their work and I believe that passion should be seen and heard. I intend to bring the complicated world of social marketing and community engagement to these business owners, empowering them to get their brand online in fresh and innovative ways.


Supporting My Clients

I work with small business owners in and on the marketing and administrative areas of their business, focusing heavily in the social marketing and customer engagement strategies.

My clients have the best of both worlds. They carry on with the parts of their work that they love and they have a resource – ME – to help them manage everything else. You don’t just get to work with someone who can implement the ideas. You get a creative and strategic partner as well.